The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO)

UU-UNO Study/Action Issues

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UU-UNO members are urged to...

In this way members will...

  • act in a research capacity for our designated United Nations passholders
  • propose aspects of the Issues on which our passholders might concentrate
  • propose courses of action that can be taken by individuals, committees, congregations or the UU-UNO at the local, state/provincial or federal levels, with other countries or at the United Nations itself
  • arrange with the UU-UN Office to attend events at the UN that are related to their study/action issue

If you do not have access to the internet, contact the UU-UNO office for information and printouts of the issue in which you are interested.

UU-UNO • 777 UN Plaza, C-C
New York, NY  10017
Phone: 212-986-5165 

1. Peace Initiatives

Jubilee 2000

2. The International Criminal Court

3. Reform of the Security Council

4. Human Rights

5. Sustainable Development

6. Eradication of Landmines

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Prepared by M. Elaine Harvey
UU-UNO Vice President (Program)
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